Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Egos aplenty at Coventry City ..but not on the pitch.....

There has been so much written about the current situation at Coventry City, view and counter-view, attendance and non-attendance that every day there is yet more frustration for the sky blue faithful.
It is now 198 days - Monday 8th July - since the Football League ratified this crazy situation and approved this sodding groundshare. The simplest supporter comments speak the undeniable truth as GMK editor 'Knowl' stated at the time of the announcement:

'This just feels so utterly needless. There is a club and a ground but egos have stood in the way.'

Fast-forward to the present and Steven Pressley's stars are playing some of the best football seen in years, scoring fantastic goals, overturning deficits (unheard of for years) and have connected with the supporters in a Richard Keogh-style way. We have cult heroes for the first time since Keogh and Big Mo Konjic while Joe Murphy continues to defy the opposition with wonder saves in a Keiren Westwood/Oggy-esque way.

The last time I can recall such free-flowing football with a pattern of play was in 1999/00 as Robbie Keane and company worked their magic at Highfield Road, sadly the intervening years have offered little in terms of hope and achievement.

There isn't an ounce of common sense inside the boardroom walls of Coventry City and hasn't been for many years. The most clued up person is Steven Pressley - the man's a genius, initially for taking on the role, creating the 'bomb squad', then working his magic to transform our young side. His players give their all for the cause and have turned the -10 into a potential play-off crusade.

The other night I watched highlights of the two-legged League Cup semi-final defeat to West Ham in 1981. The average age of Gordon Milne's side was 21 and they played without fear, very similar to Pressley's starlets. Let's hope the squad stays together for the rest of the season and gives us just a little glint of success that we have craved for so long.

'Trampbeater', for me, has summed up the season with this tweet last week:

'Why is it no party will compromise or budge an inch, yet supporters are expected to bend, twist, and flex to accommodate this crazy situation?'

Wise words.....

Play up Sky Blues.

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